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Awards and Recognitions Presented
Les Prix et Distinctions présentés

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2004 Awards & Recognitions

IEEE Canada Awards presented at the IEEE Canada Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the annual conference in Niagara Falls, May 2004
- Achievement Awards
McNaughton Medal - Dr. Renato G. Bosisio - details
Fessenden Medal - Dr. Ke Wu - details
Outstanding Engineer Award - Dr. Haran Karmaker - details
Outstanding Engineering Educator Award - Dr. Hoang Le-Huy - details
Outstanding Section - Ottawa (Received RAB outstanding in 2005)
- Service Awards
W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award - Dr. Witold Kinsner - details
Western Canada Council Merit Award - Rob Anderson - details
Eastern Canada Council Merit Award - Dr. Xavier Maldague - details
Central Canada Council Merit Award - Pelle Westlind - details
Exemplary Section Award - Ottawa Section - details
CCECE Recognition Award - Guy Olivier - details
Special Translation Award - Isabel Deslauriers - details

Awards presented at the IEEE Canada Board Meeting in Niagara Falls, May 2004
- IEEE Awards
50 year Anniversary Banner to St. Maurice Section - details
RAB 2004 Section Membership Growth Award - London Section - details
RAB 2004 Student Branch Membership Growth Award - University of Ottawa - details
RAB Friend-of-the-IEEE Award - Alliant, Memorial University, and Yvonne Raymond - details
- IEEE Canadian Foundation 2004 Scholarships
accepted by Section representatives for local presentations - details
Daniel Chapman, University of Saskatchewan (North Saskatchewan Section - Andrew Kostiuk, Chair)
Armen Forget, Concordia University. (Montreal Section - Dominique Beaulieu, Chair)
Thomas Le, University of Regina (South Saskatchewan Section - Luigi Benedicenti, Chair)
Litifa Noor, Ryerson University (Toronto Section - Kostas Plataniotis, Chair)
Jawad Rashid, University of Alberta (Northern Canada Section - Michael Lawal, Chair)
Nilendran Ratnasabapathy, Carleton University (Ottawa Section - John Grefford, Chair)
Julie Turcotte, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (St. Maurice Section - Adam Skorek, Chair)

IEEE Awards approved at the November 2003 meeting of the IEEE Board of Directors
2004 IEEE Fellows - details
Frank Dewinter, Kitchener, ON
Robert Alexander Hanna, Mississauga, ON
Charles F. Henville, Burnaby, BC
Gordon Roberts, Montreal, QB
Mohammad A. H. Sawan, Montreal, QB
Tarlochan Singh Sidhu, London, ON
Frederick Nicholas Trofimenkoff, Calgary, AL
Ismail Burhan Türksen, Toronto, ON
Andrew K. C. Wong, Waterloo, ON
2004 IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award: to Dr. Simon Haykin of McMaster Unibersity in Hamilton, Ontario "for his pioneering contributions to graduate education and curriculum development".

IEEE Society Awards
IEEE Power Electronics Society 2004 William E. Newell Award to Dr. M. Azizur Rahman of Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s, Canada "for outstanding achievement in power electronics".

EIC Awards presented at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, February 28, 2004
2004 EIC Fellows - details , détails , awards booklet
Dr. Jamal M. Dean - Hamilton, ON
Professor Robert W. Donaldson - Vancouver, BC
Dr. David Haccoun - Montéal, QC
Dr. Subbarayan Pasupathy - Toronto, ON
Dr. Adam Skorek - Trois-Rivières, QC
2004 K.Y. Lo Medal to Norman Beaulieu

NSERC-CRSNG Awards presented in 2004
- Steacie Fellowship - George Eleftheriades - University of Toronto
- details , détails

The Royal Society of Canada - 2004 Thomas W. Eadie Medal to Dr. Vijay K. Bhargava
in recognition of major contributions to Engineering with an impact on communications. The award is funded by Bell Canada in recognition of the increasingly important role of Applied Science to the quality of life in Canada - details , détails

GOVERNMENT HOUSE notice - from the Government of Poland Gold Cross of the Order of Merit to Mr. Adam Skorek
RÉSIDENCE DU GOUVERNEUR GÉNÉRAL avis - du Gouvernement de la Pologne La Croix d'or de l'Ordre du Mérite à M. Adam Skorek - photo

IEEE Awards Presented Elsewhere
Friend of the IEEE to the University of Toronto "For ongoing support to the Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering"
Section Membership Growth Award to Newfoundland-Labrador Section
Outstanding Large Section Award to Ottawa Section

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