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Awards and Recognitions Presented
Les Prix et Distinctions présentés

o IEEE Canada Awards
     - major awards
     - how to nominate
     - especially for students
       McNaughton: medal
---- - medallist biographies
---- - past recipients
o Les prix IEEE Canada
     - les prix majeurs
     - procédure de nomination
     - particulièrement pour des étudiants
       McNaughton : médaille
     - biographie des médaillés
---- - récipiendaires
o IEEE MGA (RAB) Awards
     (in 2008 RAB becomes MGA)
     - how to nominate
     - past recipients
     - especially for students
o Les prix IEEE MGA (RAB)
     (en 2008 RAB devient MGA)
     - procédure de nomination
     - récipiendaires
     - particulièrement pour des étudiants
o IEEE Awards
     - fellows , how to nominate
o Les prix IEEE
     - fellows , procédure de nomination
o EIC Awards
     - recipients , nomination form
o Les prix ICI
     - récipiendaires , formulaire de nomination

o Awards for Other Years
     - 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011,
     - 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006,
     - 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001,
     - 2000, Pre 2000

o Prix des autres années
     - 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011,
     - 2010, 2009, 2008 2007, 2006,
     - 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 2001,
     - 2000, Avant 2000

2005 Awards & Recognitions

IEEE Canada Awards presented at the IEEE Canada Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the annual conference in Saskatoon, May 2005 - Awards Booklet [PDF]
- Achievement Awards
McNaughton Medal - Anthony B. Sturton - details
Fessenden Medal - Tho Le-Ngoc - details
Outstanding Engineering Educator Award - Konstantinos Plataniotis - details
- Service Awards
W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award - Miro G. Forest - details
Ted Glass Western Canada Award - Witold Kinsner - details
J.J Archambault Eastern Canada Award - André Morin - details
M.B. Broughton Central Canada Award - Ronald H. Potts - details

Awards presented at the IEEE Canada Board Meeting in Saskatoon, May 2005
- IEEE Awards
IEEE RAB 2004 Outstanding Large Section Award - Ottawa Section
IEEE RAB 2004 Section Membership Growth Award - Newfoundland & Labrador Section
IEEE RAB 2004 Sustained Section Membership Growth Award - Northern Canada Section
the following awards accepted by Section representatives for local presentations
- IEEE Canadian Foundation 2005 Scholarships - details
Mark Campbell, University of Calgary
Maimuna Chawla, Carleton University
Jenny Lee Ching, University of Alberta
Ricky Leung, Ryerson University
Brett Matthew Lovas, University of Saskatchewan
Vijay Narasimhan, University of Ottawa
Stephen Seeger, Queen's University
Tina Tahmoures-Zadeh, University of Toronto
- IEEE Canada Women In Engineering Prize
Jennifer Jessop - Winnipeg Section

EIC Awards presented at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, March 5, 2005
2005 EIC Fellows - Awards Booklet , photos
Dr. Robert Alden - Toronto, ON
Dr. Sunil Das - Ottawa, ON
Charles Despins - Montréal, QB
Masoud Farzaneh - Chicoutimi, QB
Dr. Keith Hipel - Waterloo, ON
Dr. John Lodge - Ottawa, ON
Dr. Hussein Mouftah - Ottawa, ON
Dr. Rajni Patel - London, ON
Dr. Dorina Petriu - Ottawa, ON

IEEE Awards approved at the November 2004 meeting of the IEEE Board of Directors
2005 IEEE Fellows
Robert T.H. Alden, Toronto Section
Mohamed Kamel, Kitchener-Waterloo Section
Innocent Kamwa, Montreal Section
Rodney Lynn Kirlin, Victoria Section
Vikram Krishnamurthy, Vancouver Section
Ravi Mazumdar
William Malcolm McDermid, Winnipeg Section
Septimiu Edmund Salcudean, Vancouver Section
Ljiljana Trajkovic, Vancouver Section
Wilsun Xu, Northern Canada Section

IEEE Awards Presented Elsewhere
Friend of the IEEE to Gennum Corp. "In recognition of continued support for IEEE Hamilton Section Activities."
Friend of the IEEE to Zenon Environmentals "In recognition of continued support for IEEE Hamilton Section Activities."
Friend of the IEEE to Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro "For continued involvement and support of many IEEE activities within IEEE Canada at the Section and Regional levels."
Gold Achievement Award to Peter W. Guy "For co-leading Aurum publishing efforts to successfully reach out to French-speaking members and to create unity amongst Region 7’s GOLD members"

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