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Awards and Recognitions Presented
Les Prix et Distinctions présentés

o IEEE Canada Awards
     - major awards
     - how to nominate
     - especially for students
       McNaughton: medal
---- - medallist biographies
---- - past recipients
o Les prix IEEE Canada
     - les prix majeurs
     - procédure de nomination
     - particulièrement pour des étudiants
       McNaughton : médaille
     - biographie des médaillés
---- - récipiendaires
o IEEE MGA (RAB) Awards
     (in 2008 RAB becomes MGA)
     - how to nominate
     - past recipients
     - especially for students
o Les prix IEEE MGA (RAB)
     (en 2008 RAB devient MGA)
     - procédure de nomination
     - récipiendaires
     - particulièrement pour des étudiants
o IEEE Awards
     - fellows , how to nominate
o Les prix IEEE
     - fellows , procédure de nomination
o EIC Awards
     - recipients , nomination form
o Les prix ICI
     - récipiendaires , formulaire de nomination

o Awards for Other Years
     - 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011,
     - 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006,
     - 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001,
     - 2000, Pre 2000

o Prix des autres années
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     - 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 2001,
     - 2000, Avant 2000

2009 Awards & Recognitions

IEEE Awards presented locally
MGA 2008 Section Membership Growth Award - South Saskatchewan
MGA 2008 Sustained Section Membership Growth Award - Northern Canada Section
MGA 2008 Student Branch Membership Growth Award - University of Ontario Institute of Technology Student Branch
IEEE Canada Awards presented at the IEEE Canada Awards Banquet
held in conjunction with the CCECE conference held in St. Johns, May 4, 2009
- complete brochure - group photo
- Achievement Awards
McNaughton Gold Medal - Wolfgang Hoefer, Victoria, British Columbia - details
Fessenden (Telecommunications) Medal - David Falconer, Ottawa, Ontario - details
Power Medal - William McDermid, Winnipeg, Manitoba - details
Computer Medal - Ken (KC) Smith, Toronto, Ontario - details
Outstanding Engineer Award - Rajnikant Patel, London, Ontario - details
Outstanding Engineering Educator Award - John Cartledge,Kingston, Ontario - details
Industry Leadership Award - Lorry Wilson, Calgary, Alberta - details
- Service Awards
W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award - Dave Kemp, Winnipeg, Manitoba - details
Eastern Canada Merit Award - John Grefford, Ottawa, Ontario - details
Central Canada Merit Award - David Whyte, Toronto, Ontario - details
Western Canada Merit Award - Dave Michelson, Vancouver, British Columbia - details
Exemplary Large Section - Montréal
Exemplary Small Section - London & Newfoundland and Labrador

Awards presented at the IEEE Canada Board Meeting in St. John's, May 2, 2009
- IEEE Canada Awards
2008 IEEE Canada Exemplary Large Section Award - Montreal Section
2008 IEEE Canada Exemplary Small Section Award - London Section
2008 IEEE Canada Exemplary Small Section Award - N&L Section
2009 IEEE Canada Women In Engineering Prize - April Khademi
2009 IEEE Canada Special Achievement Award - Witold Kinsner (CJECE Past Co-Editor)
2009 IEEE Canada Special Achievement Award - Xavier Maldague (CJECE Past Co-Editor)
- IEEE Awards
2008 MGA Leadership Award - Anader Benyamin-Seeyar, Montreal Section
2008 Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award - Marcello Mota - Toronto Section
- IEEE Canadian Foundation 2009 Scholarships ($3,500)
accepted by Section representatives for local presentations
Susan Ryan, Memorial University
Matthew Sebastian, University of Manitoba
Hao Jun Liu, University of Toronto
Jiey Rong, Carleton University
Prabhat Kumar, University of Victoria

EIC Awards presented at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, March 7, 2009 - details
2009 EIC Fellows
Savvas Chamberlain, Waterloo, Ontario
Tongwen Chen, Edmonton, Alberta
Mark S Fox, Toronto, Ontario
Fadhel M Ghannouchi, Calgary, Alberta
Ling Guan, Toronto, Ontario
Victor C M Leung, Vancouver, British Columbia
Maike Luiken, London, Ontario
Xavier Maldague, Québec, Québec
David Plant, Montréal, Québec
Lotfollah Shafai, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wilsun Xu, Edmonton, Alberta

2009 IEEE Fellows approved at the November 2008 meeting of the IEEE Board of Directors - details
Kazimierz Adamiak, London, Ontario
John Cartledge, Kingston, Ontario
Ian Cumming, Vancouver, Britisk Columbia
Francis Dawson, Toronto, Ontario
Louis Durand, Montreal, Quebec
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Ottawa, Ontario
Brendon Frey, Toronto, Ontario
John Lodge, Ottawa, Ontario
Michal Okoniewski, Calgary, Ontario
David Parnas, Ottawa, Ontario
Terence Peters, London, Ontario
Nicholas Hamilton Piercy, Innisfil, Ontario
Omar Ramahi, Waterloo, Ontario
Jonathon Rose, Toronto, Ontario
Xuemin Shen, Waterloo, Ontario
Adam Skorek, Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Ming Yu, Cambridge, Ontario

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