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"Multimedia Networks: Strategic Outlook"

Ms. B. Callaghan
Assistant V-P, NORTEL Multimedia Networks Division

Kenote Speaker at the CORS'97 Conference, Ottawa, May 28, 1997

Abstract: With the introduction of multimedia technology and bussiness forces like globalization and deregulation, our world is changing. These trends have spurred new applications of multimedia technology, resulting in a shift from voice centric services to data and multimedia networking. This presentation explores the trends driving multimedia growth, provides a view on challenges telecommunications organizations and enterprises are facing in offering multimedia services, and conveys Nortel's strategy to provide its customers with multimedia networking solutions utilizing ATM infrastructure.

Speaker's Biography: Barbara Callaghan is responsible for Nortel's Global Business Operations. Her scope includes Global Marketing, Network Engineering, Global Customer Support as well as ownership for the Network Management Business Unit within Nortel. Barbara graduated from Queen's University with Honours Bachelor of Commerce. She joined Nortel in 1981, where she held numerous executive positions including Director Finance, Director Marketing and AVP Manufacturing. Barbara is currently on the Board of Directors of OCRINET and is on the advisory council for technology readership development at Nortel. She is a long term resident of Ottawa and is committed to the further establishment of Ottawa as the high technology center of Canada.

Nortel Networks

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