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"Microelectronics technology"

Dr. Anthony Marsh
Canadian Microelectronics Corporation

Keynote Speech at the IMTC'97 Conference May 19, 1997 in Ottawa

Abstract: Over the past 50 years microelectronics technology has become the foundation for radically new products, services and companies. Personal computing and personal communications are integral part of life today. The softwaer industry, e-mail and the Wrld Wide Web would not exsit without the microchip.

The past few years have brought us the rapid development of microelectro-mechanical (MEMS) and microelectro-optical (MEOPS) systems. These microsystems technologies allow sensors and actuators to be combined with electrical devices in tiny packages that consume small ammounts of power. At the same time, display perfomance is steadily improving. Satellite and wireless systems allow precise locattion for individual communication. Encryption technology secures infromation that can be networked globally. Clearly, there is a host of new applications waiting to be exploited, particularly in the fields of telecommunications, transportation, health care, manufacturing, natural resources and the environment. These will present rich research challenges and bussiness opportunities for the instrumentation and measurement community.

Is there also the opportunity to bring a wide range of instrumentation and measurement products into the lives of everyday people? Could there be a promising future for "personal instrumentation"? Imagine the potential in health care alone!

Growth in microtechnology is driven by affordable, highly integrated, networkable, high-volume products, upgraded to meet rising demand in a very competitive market place. "Systems-on-a-chip" are created by reusing components of previous designs, and software is used to make rapid changes in the functionality of hardware platforms. Translate this trend to the instrumentation and measurement field, and there could be a booming market foe new integrated, intelligent measurement products.

Expoiting these opportunities successfully will require:

  • aggressively integrating MEMS, MEOPS and microelectronics components to increase performance while driving down costs;
  • taking a "system" approach to equipment design, which recongnizes the importance of high functionality and flexibility;
  • attracting skilled, innovative people, including those with experience in the comsumer marketplace, to the instrumentation and measurement field.
Speaker's Biography: Dr. Tony Marsh was educated in the United Kingdom and received his Bachelor of science degree in Physics and Ph.D. in telecommunications from Imperial College, London University. After five years spent teaching electrical engineering in the U.K. and in the USA, he joined a research team investigating video telephony at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Holmdel, NJ. In 1975 Dr. Marsh moved to Canada to work at Bell-Northern Research Ltd (BNR), now Nortel Technologies. His various responsiblities have included the design of advanced telephone equipment and fiber optic transmission systems, and managing the global computing and communication systems for the BNR organization. Since early 1993 Dr. Marsh has been President of Canadian Microelectronics Corporation, dedicated to building research capability expertise in microelectronics in Canadian Universities. He is also particularly interested in the challenge of improving science education in Canada at all levels, and is an active member of the Conference Board of Canada's Corporate Council on Education and the Business-Education Forum on Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Canadian Microelectronics Corporation

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