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"High-density free-space optical interconnection fabrics"

Mr. Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
NTT Optical Network Systems Laboratories, Japan

Presentation at McGill University, September 15, 1997

Abstract: We briefly review free-space optical interconnections based on micro-beam optics. The interconnections are suitable to construct future large-scale interconnection systems because their simple structure and low coupling loss. Two prototypes, a digital free-space optical switching module using micro-beam optical interconnections using stacked planar optics and exciton absorption reflection switch (EARS) arrays and board-to-board free-space optical interconnections having relay-lens optics and active alignment systems, are demonstrated.

Speaker's Biography: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto was born in Osaka, Japan, on November 9, 1968. He received B. E. degree in Electrical Engineering from Kansai University, Osaka, Japan, in 1991. Since he joined NTT Communication Switching Laboratories, in 1991, he has been engaged in research and development on digital free-space photonic switching systems using micro-beam optical interconnections and exciton absorption reflection switch (EARS) arrays. He is presently Research Engineer of NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories. Mr. Yamamoto is a member of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers of Japan (IEICE), the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Optical Society of Japan, and the IEEE/LEOS.

Presentation: This presentation is in the form of an audio file and a both HTML and PDF files containing the author's slides. The visual portion is in three segments. You can experience this presentation as follows:

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