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Electricity - The Magic Medium
Originally published by IEEE Canadian Region, © copyright 1985

Preface to 2000 Web/CD-ROM Reprint

As Dr. Wallace Read first stated in the preface to the 1985 edition, the electronic phenomenon continues to fascinate scientists, engineers and the general public.

"Electricity - The Magic Medium" was first published in 1985. As part of the Millennium Project, IEEE Canada, decided that this book merited being reprinted in a CD-ROM version.

The historical perspective of the original book still stands the test of time and makes for fascinating reading.

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Preface , Introduction , Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
Preface 2000
Part 1 Historical Highlights
Part 1a The "All Red Line"
Part 1-2 Words Without Wires
Part 1-3 Links With the World
Part 1-4 Electric Utilities across Canada
Part 1-5 Ontario
Part 1-6 Manitoba
Part 1-7 Alberta
Part 1-8 The Electrical Manufacturing Industry
Part 2 Electrical Engineering and Technology Education
Part 2-2 The First French Language Programs in Electrical Engineering
Part 3 Past, Present and Future

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