IEEE Milestone of Engineering

Canadian Alouette-ISIS Satellite Program

On September 29, 1962 the Canadian built Alouette I satellite was launched into orbit aboard a Thor-Agena launch vehicle. It was the first satellite launched into space which was built entirely by a country other than US or USSR. This success was followed by three more scientific satellites to study the effects of inosphere on radio communications in the North from the orbital altitude of approximately 1000 km.

The Allouette/ISIS program was chosen in 1992 as one of the few Milestones of Engineering by IEEE.

Below is the short history of this remarkable achievement and the overview of the designation ceremony which took place in Ottawa on May 13, 1993.

30th Anniversary of Alouette I: article in the IEEE Canadian Review, Fall 1992, by John Palimaka

Alouette/ISIS - How it all began: keynote speech at the award ceremony, by Colin Franklin

"Alouette" Defence Research Board movie clip in RealPlayer format

Photographs from the early days and from the award ceremony --------

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