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How to organize a meeting?


  1. Come up with an event
  2. Decide potential dates and locations (convenience and allow food)
  3. Estimate number of participants
  4. Contact speaker(s)
  5. Confirm date, time, location
  6. Fee applies? (less for IEEE members)

Publicize event and RSVP:

  1. Email : GOLD, students, Section executives, Section members
  2. Sectionís GOLD website
  3. IEEE Canada GOLD website (contact R7 GOLD Coordinator)
  4. Sectionís newsletter
  5. Posters in local schools
  6. Phone

Almost there:

  1. Arrange audio-visual equipment, chairs, tables with location
  2. Contact speaker(s) and participants reminding them of the event and location details a week & day before
  3. Order / Buy food and drinks
  4. Pick up keys to meeting location
  5. Pick up speaker(s) and participants


  1. Sign-in / Attendance
  2. Collect fee as advertised at door
  3. Greet Everyone when all seated
  4. Short IEEE & IEEE GOLD Presentation
  5. Introduce speaker(s)
  6. Speaker(s)í presentation
  7. Break - food & drinks
  8. Continue presentation
  9. Q&A
  10. Thank Speaker(s)
  11. Present gift / certificate of appreciation
  12. Tell people whenís the next meeting (if 1 is lined up)
  13. Thank everyone!
  14. Clean up the meeting location

After the Meeting:

  1. Return audio-visual equipment
  2. Return location keys

Itís not done yet!

  1. Write L-31 Report
  2. Update financial statement
  3. Update Sectionís GOLD website
  4. Update IEEE Canada website about meeting details

Now it is!     Congratulations...

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