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Frank C. Creed - Biography

Frank C. Creed, Ph.D., LF I.E.E.E., was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, received his B.Sc. at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, in 1945 and Ph.D. from the University of London in 1952. From 1945 until 1979 he worked at the National Research Council of Canada in the field of impulse voltage testing and measurements, retiring as Principal Research Officer.

His committee activities have included serving as Canadian representative on IEC TC 42 - High Voltage Testing Techniques, 1958- 1979; Canadian representative on CIGRE Study Committee 33, Over- voltages and Insulation Coordination, 1959-1976; Member of Hydro Quebec Advisory Committee on IREQ,1970-1980; Past Chairman and Honorary Member of the Power Systems Instrumentation and Measurements Committee, IEEE; Member High Voltage Testing Techniques Subcommittee and Member of the Working Group on Impulse Measurements.

Dr. Creed was the Past Regional Director of IEEE Region 7 (Canada), Past Chairman, Ottawa Section IEEE and was active on numerous board committees of IEEE 1967-68.

He was a Visiting Lecturer at the Technical University of Denmark, 1977-82, and at the University of Toronto.

Since retirement Dr. Creed has been active as a seminar leader for the IEEE Standards Committee on seminars dealing with high voltage testing techniques and continues to act as a consultant to industry on impulse testing and measurement problems. He has also held seminars for the past few years on impulse voltage measuring at Mississippi State University.

The I.E.E.E. has recognized him for his Prize Paper at the Power Group, 1971, elected him to be a Fellow in 1974, presented him with the Morris E. Leeds Award in 1981 and the Centennial Medal in 1984.

Biography courtesy of the National Research Council of Canada - web site
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