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Robert Tanner, First Canadian IEEE President

I met Bob Tanner personally on perhaps only half a dozen occasions but had several long chats with this gentleman. Both in my initial impressions of him and in coming to learn about IEEE's history and development, I found my fellow Canadian to be a very kind, caring, able, and devoted volunteer. He did a tremendous amount of work to help the IEEE become much more international and give non-U.S. Regions more independence and self-governance. In 1973, when he was the first Canadian IEEE President, the IEEE was only just beginning to allow Regions to be self-governing.

I remember attending my first Region 7 (Canada) meeting which was held and run by IEEE staff in New York City at the United Engineering Center in New York City -- so much for making local arrangements! His involvement as chair of the first IEEE long range planning committee, the first after the merger of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers that became the IEEE, and the differences of opinion and practice contained therein, certainly set the stage for the IEEE's forward-thinking evolution.

When Bob became IEEE President, I was just beginning my involvement in Region 7 activities and since those early days, he has inspired me to become a pro-active IEEE volunteer in both my Region and worldwide.

As IEEE members, we continue to enjoy the benefit of his wisdom and guidance over his distinguished volunteer career. It was a real pleasure to have known one of IEEE's brightest stars.

By Robert T.H. Alden
2002 Haraden Pratt Award recipient

From The Institute, March 2003 – Print Edition
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