IMAX Corporation Signs Agreement for the Exclusive Worldwide Release of Disney's Fantasia 2000 To IMAX Theatres

Fantasia .
IMAX's foray into Hollywood begins with Disney (IMAX)

The Imax foray into Hollywood is at hand.  An agreement with Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, a unit of The Walt Disney Company, for an exclusive four-month release of Disney's newest animated classic Fantasia 2000 to IMAX theatres was recently signed. Beginning on January 1, 2000, the IMAX theatre release will be an exciting element of Disney's new millenium celebration and will follow a five-city live orchestral tour of Fantasia 2000 in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Fantasia 2000 will be the first theatrical full-length feature film to be reformatted into Imax's 15/70 film format and released to IMAX theatres around the world in its full 90-minute length. The film release marks the launch of both Imax's Hollywood-film and animation strategies to bring more mainstream commercial films to IMAX theatres.

"This is a milestone event in the history of Imax Corporation which we believe offers continued validation of the Company's long-term potential," said Imax co-Chief Executive Officers Brad Wechsler and Rich Gelfond.

. Fantasia -- The Future of Animation
Fantasia 2000 will showcase the latest in animation talents while remaining true to the original (Los Angeles Daily News)

Disney Vice Chairman Roy E. Disney commented, "Fantasia 2000 is a labor of love which expands upon a bold experiment in sight and sound that was started over six decades ago by my Uncle Walt and my father. With a theatre experience as majestic as Imax's, we can fully showcase the six new segments of Fantasia 2000 which have allowed a whole new generation of animators to push the boundaries of the medium and their imaginations. Uncle Walt and my father would have appreciated seeing this masterpiece on the giant IMAX screen and we are excited to share Fantasia 2000 with today's audiences in this exciting film medium."

Produced under the personal supervision of Roy Disney and 12 years in the making, Fantasia 2000 will be reformatted into the 15/70 film format in its full 90-minute length and released in 2D to IMAX theatres around the world for an exclusive four-month run from January 1 - April 30, 2000.

Imax co-Chief Executive Officers Brad Wechsler and Rich Gelfond added, "The original Fantasia broke new ground in animation and sound at the time of its initial release. The exhibition of Fantasia 2000 using IMAX theatres' giant, immersive images and unparalleled sound systems will provide a new standard for the 21st century. For over a year we have been looking for the right project with which to launch our strategy to bring more mainstream commercial films to IMAX theatres. The similarity of our demographics and family-friendly film content, and the unequalled quality of Disney animation, make Fantasia 2000 an ideal release for IMAX theatres."

Reprinted courtesy of IMAX Corp.