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During the 1940s, the British Columbia government wanted to develop the considerable resources of the northwest and north central areas of the province.  As well,  they wished to establish new population centres, without risking taxpayers' funds.  Alcan was invited by the B.C. government to investigate the possibility of establishing an aluminum industry in the northwest. Alcan liked what it saw and began the huge Kitimat-Kemano project. 

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The Kitimat-Kemano Project -- The largest privately-funded construction project ever undertaken in Canada!

In its day, it was the largest privately-funded construction project ever undertaken in Canada. It cost $500 million in 1950 dollars - or more than $3.3 billion in today's currency.  The project included construction of several components including the Kenney Dam in the Nechako River Canyon, which reversed the river's eastward flow and created the Nechako Reservoir.  

Alcan BC Operations -- A History of Kitimat-Kemano

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