Electron Microscope

Many important scientific achievements have originated from the Physics Department of the University of Toronto. In the long history of the Department, however, many would wonder if any have been of more significance to society as well as to science than the building of the first transmission magnetic electron microscope by two graduate students, James Hillier and Albert Prebus in April of 1938, under the direction of the Department Chairman, Professor E.F. Burton.

The Electron Microscope -- Delving into the heart of matter

The Electron Microscope -- Revealing the realm of "inner space" (Corbis)

At first the electron microscope was a subject for instrument development and for physicists but, in time, its invention quickly became a turning point for science itself.  "For the first time, investigators were able to "see" directly into "inner space" — that realm of the very small, below the then limit of the optical microscope, where most, if not all phenomena important in those fields find their explanation."

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