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Specialized Lectures Conférences spécialisées
Information Technology
Lasers and Electrooptics
Power Engineering
Human Factors
Technologie de l'information
Lasers et électro-optique
Ingénierie de puissance
Human Factors
Information Technology Technologie de l'information
.... Dr. R. Nakatsu, ATR, Multimedia'97, June 4, 1997
StarT Voyager: Message Passing on SMP Clusters
.... Dr. Arvind, MIT, HPCS'97 July 10, 1997
Future of Multimedia Communications
.... Dr. D. Pearson, U. Essex, U.K. , CCECE'97 May 26, 1997
Design of Vibrotactile Feedback Virtual Testbed
.... Li-Te Cheng, Memorial University, CCECE'97, May 27, 1997
Genetic Algorithms and their Applications
.... Dr. R. Vemuri, UC Davis, June 5, 1997
Multimedia Information Retrieval at ORL
.... Dr. K. Wood, ORL, UK, June 9, 1997
JETS - Java Enabled Telecollaboration System
.... S. Shirmohammadi, U. Ottawa, May 1997
Communications Communications
RF Technology for Broadband Ka-Band Communication Systems
....Rene Douville, Communications Research Centre, June 25, 1998
Future of Telecommunications
.... Dr.T. Matthews, Chairman, Newbridge Networks, Oct. 15, 1997
Local Wideband Wireless Networks
.... Dr. K.Pahlavan, Worcester Polytechnic, Oct. 3, 1997
"Multimedia Networks: Strategic Outlook
.... B. Callaghan, AVP, NORTEL, CORS, May 28, 1997
Switching Techniques in Interconnection Networks
.... Dr. J. Duato, U.Valencia, MPPOI'97, June 23, 1997
Photonic Packet Switching for Broadband Networks
.... Dr. R. Tucker, U. Melbourne, May 28, 1996
Microelectronics Microélectronique
Microelectronic Technology
.... Dr. A. Marsh, Canadian Microelectronics Corp., IMTC'97, May 19, 1997
Lasers and Electrooptics Lasers et électro-optique
Novel Integrable Semiconductor Laser Structures
.... Dr. J. Coleman, University of Illinois, March 23, 1998
Polarized Light in So-called Singlemode Fiber"
.... Dr. G. Schinn, EXFO, Jan. 20, 1998
High-density Free Space Optical Interconnect Fabric"
.... Mr. T. Yamamoto, NTT, Oct. 24, 1997
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
.... Dr. K. Lear, Sandia National Labs, May 13, 1997
Optical Harmonic Mixers
.... Dr. M. Cada, TUNS, Feb. 10, 1997
Optoelectronics with Organic Thin Films
.... Dr. S. Forrest, Princeton University, Jan. 29, 1997
Microphotonics - Complete Optical System on a Silicon Chip
.... Dr. K. Lau, UC Berkeley, Nov. 4, 1996
Electromagnetics Electromagnétiques
An EMC Engineer's Guide to Electromagnetic Modeling Software
.... Dr. T. Hubing, University of Missouri, December 17, 1997
Power Engineering Ingénierie de puissance
Advances in High Efficiency Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) Motor Drives
    Dr. M.A. Rahman, Memorial University of Newfoundland, March 3, 2005
Human Factors Human Factors
  Patents: From an Inventor's Viewpoint
    Mitchell Shnier, Data Communications Consultant, Toronto, March 14, 2005

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