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Note: While IEEE Canada only became a member society of EIC in 1994, some IEEE members were recognized while they were part of CSECE which existed from 1976 to 1994.


Wahab Almuhtadi, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – EIC Citation
For his excellence in engineering, education and research, and services to the profession and society.
Jens Bornemann, EIC-F – Victoria, BC – EIC Citation
For his exceptional contributions to high-frequency systems and the theory and modeling of integrated circuits, feed networks and antennas.


Alexei Botchkarev, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – EIC citation
For exceptional contributions to complex information management systems in health care and aerospace.
Keith Brown, EIC-F – Ajax, ON – EIC citation
For outstanding leadership and service to the nuclear and electrical engineering professions.
Ibrahim Gedeon, EIC-F – Edmonton, AB – EIC citation
For exceptional leadership and contributions to internet protocol television and IT for health care.
Wolfgang Hoefer, EIC-F – Victoria, BC – EIC citation
For exceptional contributions to electromagnetic field theory and its engineering applications.
Farrokh Janabi-Sharifi, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – EIC citation
For outstanding contributions to advanced opto-mechatronic systems and application to robots.
Hugh Liu, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – EIC citation
For exceptional contributions to aircraft systems and controls including unmanned and fault-tolerant systems.
Ha Nguyen, EIC-F – Saskatoon, SK – EIC citation
For outstanding contributions to the field of digital communications and engineering education.


Ramachandra Achar, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – EIC citation
for contributions to the advancement of computer-aided design tools and methodologies for high-speed electronic designs
Ambrish Chandra, EIC-F – Montreal, QC – EIC citation
for advancement of theory and control algorithms for power electronics converters and integration of renewable energy
Colin Clark, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – EIC citation
for leadership in the design and operation of renewable energy systems
Branislav Djokic, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – EIC citation
for contributions to high precision electrical metrology at low frequencies
Richard Hornsey, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – EIC citation
for exceptional leadership in engineering education and research in integrated image-sensor systems
Andrew Orville Jones, EIC-F – Stony Plain, AB – EIC citation
for management of all phases of the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of thermal generating stations
Amir Khajepour, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – EIC citation
for contributions to vehicle mechatronics
Peter Xiaoping Liu, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – EIC citation
for leading research in haptics and teleoperation
Manoj Sachdev, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – EIC citation
for exceptional contributions to integrated circuit design and manufacturing
John Yeow, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – EIC citation
for leadership and education in the development of nanotechnology-based multi-modality imaging systems
Zeng Hong Zhu, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – EIC citation
for contributions to dynamics and control of tethered spacecraft systems and engineering mechanics


Amir G Aghdam, EIC-F – Montreal, QC – EIC citation
For significant contributions to the development of application-oriented techniques for control of multi-agent networks
Jie Chen, EIC-F – Edmonton, AB – EIC citation
For entrepreneurial initiatives in radio and extensive publications
Jason Jianjun Gu, EIC-F – Halifax, NS – EIC citation
For contributions to mobile and surgical robots including network control and tele-robots
Abdel Sebak, EIC-F – Montreal, QC – EIC citation
For contributions to applied electromagnetics, antennas design and modeling
Weiming Shen, EIC-F – London, ON – EIC citation
For outstanding contributions to agent-based collaboration technologies and applications
Shahrokh Valaee, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – EIC citation
For his work on distributed source localization a new research area establishing him as a leader in signal processing




André Ivanov, EIC-F – Vancouver, BC – EIC citation
For outstanding contributions to the design and testing of very large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits. His achievements have led to many new and advanced technologies that have greatly impacted the shape of VLSI test technology processes worldwide and affected the entire semiconductor industry.
Jin Jiang, EIC-F – London, ON – EIC citation
For his contributions to the fields of fault-tolerant control systems, and control and instrumentation systems for nuclear power plants. He has made exceptional contributions to research and education and services to the engineering profession and society.
Raman Kashyap, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – EIC citation
For his major contributions to the field of photonics through novel applications and development of the technology of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), and novel optical devices.
Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – EIC citation
For his contributions to the areas of network resource management and information security for wireless communications. His research results have been highly influential in the wireless networking research community, and helped set directions for others.




  • Gregor Bochmann, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Mohamed Elmasry, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – citation
  • A. Leon Garcia , EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation
  • Safa Kasap, EIC-F – Saskatoon, SK – citation
  • Raafat Mansour, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – citation
  • Witold Pedrycz, EIC-F – Edmonton, AB – citation
  • Mohamad Sawan, EIC-F – Montreal, QC – citation
  • Paresh Sen , EIC-F – Kingston, ON – citation
  • Gregory Stone, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation
  • Bin Wu, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation


  • Bruno N. Di Stefano, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation
  • Henrietta Galiana, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – citation
  • John Grefford, EIC-F – Carp, ON – citation
  • William A. Gruver, EIC-F – Burnaby, BC – citation
  • Géza Joos, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – citation
  • Graham A Jullien, EIC-F – Calgary, AB – citation
  • Mohamed S. Kamel, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – citation
  • Don O. Koval, EIC-F – Edmonton, AB – citation
  • C. Andre T. Salama, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation
  • Tarlochan S. Sidhu, EIC-F – London, ON – citation


  • Michael S. Davies, EIC-F – Vancouver, BC – citation
  • Robert A. Hanna, EIC-F Mississauga, ON – citation
  • Praveen Jain, EIC-F – Kingston, ON – citation
  • Witold Kinsner, EIC-F – Winnipeg, MA – citation
  • Frank Kschischang, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation


  • Robert T.H. Alden, EIC-F Toronto, ON – citation
  • Sunil Das, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Charles Despins, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – citation
  • Masoud Farzaneh, EIC-F – Chicoutimi, QC – citation
  • Keith Hipel, EIC-F – Waterloo, ON – citation
  • John Lodge, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Hussein Mouftah, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Rajni Patel, EIC-F – London, ON – citation
  • Dorina Petriu, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation


  • Jamal M. Deen, EIC-F – Hamilton, ON – citation
  • Robert W. Donaldson, EIC-F – Vancouver, BC – citation
  • David Haccoun, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – citation
  • Pas S. Pasupathy, EIC-F – Toronto, ON – citation
  • Adam Skorek, EIC-F – Trois-Rivières, QC – citation


  • Yahia Antar, EIC-F – Kingston, ON – citation
  • Eric Dubois, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Paul Fortier, EIC-F – Québec, QC – citation
  • Samuel Pierre, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – citation
  • Frederick N. Trofimenkoff, EIC-F – Calgary, AB – citation


  • Prakash Bhartia, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Wayne D. Grover, EIC-F – Edmonton, AB – citation
  • T. Aaron Guliver, EIC-F – Victoria, BC – citation
  • David Thomas Lynch, EIC-F – Edmonton, AB – citation
  • Guy Olivier, EIC-F – Montréal, QC – citation
  • Rangaraj M. Rangayan, EIC-F – Winnipeg, MB – citation


  • Norman C. Beaulieu, EIC-F – Kingston, ON – citation
  • Nikitas J. Dimopoulos, EIC-F – Victoria, BC – citation
  • James W. Haslett, EIC-F – Calgary, AB – citation
  • Om P. Malik, EIC-F – Calgary, AB – citation
  • Robert Matyas, EIC-F – Ottawa, ON – citation
  • Hilmi Turanli, EIC-F – Winnipeg, MB – citation not available


  • Agathoklis Panajotis, EIC-F
  • John W. Bandler, EIC-F – Hamilton, ON
  • Aziz Y. Chikhani, EIC-F – Kingston, ON
  • Witold Krzymien, EIC-F
  • Tho Le-Ngoc, EIC-F Montreal, QC
  • Emil M. Petriu, EIC-F Ottawa, ON


  • Wallas H. Khella, EIC-F Toronto, ON
  • Chandra M. Kudsia, EIC-F Cambridge, ON
  • Vijay K. Sood, EIC-F Montreal, QC


  • Dave J. Kemp, EIC-F Winnipeg, MB
  • William O. Kennedy, EIC-F Calgary, AB
  • Guy Lefebvre, EIC-F
  • Aziz Rahman, EIC-F St. Johns, NL
  • Rabab K. Ward, EIC-F Vancouver, BC


  • Jacek Chrostowski, EIC-F Ottawa, ON
  • Ferial El-Hawary, EIC-F Halifax, NS


  • Raymond D. Findlay, EIC-F Hamilton, ON
  • Lawrence M. Howe, EIC-F
  • Louis A. Poulin, EIC-F
  • Euan S. Strachan, EIC-F


  • Mohindar S. Sachdev, EIC-F Saskatoon, SK


  • Nicolas D. Georganas, EIC-F Ottawa, ON


  • Rangaswamy Seshadri, EIC-F


  • Gilles Y. Delisle, EIC-F Montreal, QC


  • Michel Lecours, EIC-F Québec, QC (deceased)


  • Eric G. Manning, EIC-F Victoria, BC
  • John B. Plant, EIC-F Kingston, ON


  • Vijay K. Bhargava, EIC-F Vancouver, BC


  • V. Ramachandran, EIC-F Montreal, QC
  • Martin L. Wedepohl, EIC-F Vancouver, BC


  • Moe E. El-Hawary, EIC-F Halifax, NS
  • James F. Lindsay, EIC-F


  • Roy Billinton, EIC-F Saskatoon, SK
  • Gilles Perron, EIC-F
  • S.N.W. Swamy, EIC-F Saint-Lambert, QC
  • Desmond P. Taylor, EIC-F New Zealand
  • Pieter Van Vliet, EIC-F


  • Cameron W. Blachford, EIC-F
  • Colin K. Campbell, EIC-F Hamilton, ON
  • Ronald J. Fleming, EIC-F
  • Gordon R. Slemon, EIC-F Toronto, ON
  • A. N. Venetsanopoulos, EIC-F Toronto, ON


  • Edward F. Glass, EIC-F Winnipeg, MB (deceased)
  • Dinkar Mukhedkar, EIC-F Montreal, QC (deceased)
  • Wallace S. Read, EIC-F St. Johns, NL


  • Walter F. Light, EIC-F


  • Charles H.R. Campling, EIC-F
  • Tomas J.F. Pavlasek, EIC-F Montreal, QC

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