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IEEE Canada remembers, through the R.A. Fessenden silver medal, his pioneering transmission of intelligible speech by electromagnetic waves. Recipients of this medal are outstanding Canadian engineers recognized for their important contributions to the field of telecommunications engineering. Award established in 2000. More information about Reginald Aubrey Fessenden.

Medal for R.A. Fessenden Award

2023 – Ghannouchi

“For outstanding contributions to improved efficiency and linearity in wireless communications, particularly advanced microwave amplification circuits and sub-systems.”

2022 – Xianbin Wang

“For industrial leadership in and pioneering contributions to mobile wireless communications”

2021 – Weihua Zhuang

“For industrial leadership in and pioneering contributions to mobile wireless communications”

2020 – Wen Tong

“For industrial leadership in and pioneering contributions to mobile wireless communications”

2019 – Xuemin Shen

“For highly influential contributions to innovative networking algorithms and protocols for mobile communications”

2018 – Jianping Yao

“For Outstanding Contributions to Microwave Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits for Optical and Wireless Communications”

2017 – Leslie Rusch

“For contributions to communications systems in optical & wireless technology Importance”

2016 – Hussein Mouftah

“For Outstanding Contributions to Wireless Sensor Networks for the Internet of Things”

2015 – (not given)

2014 – Yahia Antar

“For groundbreaking contributions to electromagnetics and communications”

2013 – ZhiZhang Chen

“For contributions to electromagnetic modeling and communication devices & systems”

2012 – David Haccoun

“For outstanding contributions in error control coding by convolutional codes ”

2011 – Jamal Deen

“For Pioneering contributions in electronics and optoelectronics for communications”

2010 – Norman Beaulieu

“for outstanding contributions in wireless communication theory”

2009 – David Falconer

“for outstanding technical contributions to the area of data transmission in both wireline and wireless environments”

2008 – Simon Haykin

“for pioneering contributions to radar and wireless communications”

2007 – Vijay Bhargava

“for outstanding contributions to research and education in wireless communications”

2006 – David V. Plant

“for sustained leadership in the formation and execution of University based National and Provincial research programs”

2005 – Tho Le-Ngoc

“for pioneering the world’s first point-to-multipoint wireless access system”

2004 – K. Wu

“for many pioneering contributions to RF, microwave and millimeter-wave theory and techniques, in particular, the invention of substrate integrated circuits for future wireless systems”

2003 – Lot Shafai

“for outstanding contributions to telecommunications and satellite communications as well as the establishment of a unique and comprehensive antenna measurement facility”

2002 – Maier Blostein

“in recognition of visionary and inspirational leadership in university-based telecommunications rersearch.”

2001 – Norman Toms

“for outstanding contributions to the technology advancement and widespread adoption of wireless data devices and systems”

2000 – David Vice

“for initiating programs in satellite communications, radio and optical fibre transmission equipment, and for leading global expansion of Nortel Networks”

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