Electronic Music

It's the only one of its kind.  It slurs, it slides; it's classical, jazz, and rock; it can sound like an ancient reed instrument, a medieval stringed instrument, or a space ship travelling through the atmosphere.  It's called the Sackbut and it's destroying the limitations of all previous keyboard instruments.

Electronic Music

Electronic Music - Made in Canada, by Canadians, but revolutionized the world market (NRC)

Previously, music making was limited by the mechanical qualities of instruments and the physical capabilities of the performers.  But the first real breakthrough occurred in France in 1948 with the idea that sounds could be treated as sound objects, or pieces of sound recorded on tape.  Invented by Dr. Hugh LeCaine of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada's Radio and Electrical Engineering Division, this electronic monophonic instrument, called the Sackbut, places continuity of pitch, intensity, and tone color within fingertip reach on a keyboard the size of a small electric organ.

The Electronic Sackbut -- Music of the Space Age

Hugh LeCaine -- Portrait of a Scientist/Musician

From Handel to Haydn -- The Headless Musician

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