IMAX'S Chronology of Techonological Events

1967 IMAX formed by Messrs. Ferguson, Kerr and Kroitor

1970 Premiere of the IMAX system and first IMAX film Tiger Child; EXPO '70 Osaka, Japan, Fuji Group Pavilion

1971 Opening of first permanent IMAX theatre; Ontario Place, Toronto, Canada

1973 Premiere of first IMAX Dome permanent system; Reuben H. Fleet Science Centre, San Diego, United States

1974 Premiere of temporary IMAX theatre, designed especially for fairs and expositions; EXPO '74, Spokane, United States, U.S. Pavilion

Some of IMAX's Great Movies .
IMAX: Entertaining Canada and the World (IMAX)

1985 IMAX's first 3D film, We are Born of Stars, released; EXPO '85, Tsukuba, Japan

1986 IMAX receives Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

1986 Premiere of IMAX 3D in full colour; EXPO '86, Vancouver, Canada

1988 IMAX acquires 51% interest in Sonics Associates, Inc.; a company which produces advanced motion picture theatre sound systems

1990 Premiere of IMAX Solido, a full-colour dome-type 3D system; EXPO '90, Osaka, Japan, Fujitsu Pavilion

1990 Premiere of IMAX Magic Carpet, a new configuration featuring two IMAX screens; EXPO '90, Osaka, Japan, Sanwa Midori-Kai pavilion

1990 Premiere of advanced IMAX 3D, EXPO '90, Osaka, Japan, Suntory Pavilion Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

1991 Premiere of IMAX HD, a 48 fps film projection system; EXPO '92 Seville, Spain, Canada Pavilion

1992 Opening of permanent IMAX Magic Carpet system in Poitiers, France

1992 European premiere of IMAX Solido; EXPO '92 Seville, Spain, Fujitsu Pavilion

1994 The new IMAX completes the integration of its motion simulation ride subsidiary Ridefilm Corporation into IMAX

1994 Premiere of the first permanent IMAX 3D theatre equipped with IMAX PSE: SONY IMAX Theatre, New York

. Some of IMAX's Great Movies
IMAX: Great Movies (IMAX)

1995 Premiere of the first IMAX Ridefilm installation: The Magical World of Fantasy Island, Lincolnshire, U.K.

1997 IMAX Corporation Wins Academy Award For Scientific and Technical Achievement. IMAX Corporation Unveils New 3D Animation System (SANDDE) Using Proprietary Technology

1997 Opening of the Empire IMAX Theatre, the first IMAX 3D SR projection installation in the world

1998 IMAX Corporation Acquires Pthalo Systems Inc.'s Groundbreaking Digital Technology

1999 IMAX Corporation Selected to Receive Cinema Expo International's Award for Technical Achievement

Reprinted courtesy of IMAX Corp.