Recipients of C.C. Gotlieb Computer Award

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Recipients of this medal are outstanding Canadian engineers recognized for their important contributions to the field of computer engineering and science. Award established in 2007 and named in 2012.

Medal for C.C. Gotlieb Computer Award

2022 –  Jamal Deen

“For exceptional contributions to foundational technologies for cyber physical systems and data analytics.”

2021 – Andreas Moshovos

“For foundational contributions to member dependence predictions, power-aware coherence, and value aware hardware acceleration for Machine Learning.”

2020 – Laurence T. Yang

“For contributions on cyber-physical-social system design and data analytics”

2019 – Parvin Mousavi

“For outstanding contributions to biomedical computing and computer-assisted medical interventions”

2018 – Yu Sun

“For Outstanding Contributions to Micro-Nano Robotics and Automation”

2017 – Hussein T Mouftah

“For outstanding contributions to Computer Networks Science and Engineering Importance”

2016 – No Award

2015 – Azzedine Boukerche

” For exceptional contributions in wireless networks and mobile computing systems.”

2014 – Ling Guan

“For outstanding contributions to multimedia computing and communications”

2013 – Abdulmoteleb El Saddik

“for outstanding contributions to multimedia applications, computing & communications”

2012 – Calvin C. (Kelly) Gotlieb

“for outstanding contributions to the field of computer science and engineering”

2011 – William Gruver

“For international contributions to the theory and practice of intelligent automata”

2010 – Mohamed S. Kamel

“for outstanding contributions to pattern recognition and intelligent systems”

2009 – Ken Smith

“for lasting technical and educational contributions to electronics for computing”

2008 – Witold Pedrycz

“for world-class leadership in computational intelligence and fuzzy systems”

2007 – Nicolas D. Georganas

“for outstanding contributions to multimedia computing, communications and collaborative applications”

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