IEEE members in Canada can be nominated for and recognized by awards that are administered by different parts of IEEE.

The IEEE Canada Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) urges you to consider nominating suitable candidates for the various awards that are available to IEEE Canada members and Sections.

Since IEEE Canada is a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), IEEE Canada members are also recognized by Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Medals and Fellows.

See the Awards Calendar for a list of relevant IEEE Canada, MGA, IEEE, and EIC awards and (known) submission dates.

Awards Recipients

2022 Awards

IEEE Canada returned to hosting an in-person Awards Gala as part of the CCECE Conference.  The winners are listed in our 2022 Awards Brochure.

2021 Awards

IEEE Canada normally hosts an Awards Gala as part of the CCECE conference, but since this year’s conference has again moved online, we presented virtually as we did in 2000. The conference provided three slots for award. The presentations were given at the actual gala, with the McNaughton winner speaking in the noon slot. A special session was held the next day to hear about the work of some of the award winners.

2020 Awards

IEEE Canada normally hosts an Awards Gala as part of the CCECE conference, but since this year’s conference has moved online, we did things a bit differently. We have posted pre-recorded acceptance speeches, and we had a special online session to hear about the work of some of the award winners.

We also made our usual Awards Brochure 2020.

Past Awards

Past winners of the IEEE Canada Awards are listed under the specific awards, and in the awards brochures here:

IEEE Canada Member Awards

IEEE Canada offers 7 achievement awards and 4 service awards and consist of medals, plaques, and travel allowances. For more details, see the full list of member awards. Nominations are due by November 30.

IEEE Canada Section Awards

To recognize good Section leadership, management and administration for the immediate past Section year (calendar year). There are three awards annually, one for large Sections (with more than 1,500 members), one for medium sections (with 501-1,500 members), and one for small Sections (with 500 or fewer members). All member counts are to include students and to be as of December 31st of the prior year.

IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Awards

Each of the three area chairs will encourage the Sections in their areas to participate in the nomination process for these awards. All Sections are invited to nominate themselves for the IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Awards. Midnight (Eastern time), February 15th annually is the deadline for receipt of nominations for awards to be presented at the annual IEEE Canada Spring Board meeting. The Section Chair (or his/her delegate) of each Section should complete this online form. For any questions or concerns, please contact the committee at or your Area Chair.

Note: similar information is required for the annual MGA Outstanding Section Awards. A separate form will have to be completed to be considered for the MGA awards.

MGA Outstanding Section Awards

Each year, the MGA Outstanding Section Awards are presented to one large, one medium, and one small Section (across all Regions), to recognize their excellent work and successful efforts in fulfilling the educational and scientific goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public.  The recipient Sections are acknowledged for maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the Student Branches, Technical Chapters, and Affinity Groups within their geographic boundaries.

Three awards are presented, as follows:

  • Large Section = 1,501 or more members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year;
  • Medium Section = 501-1,500 members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year;
  • Small Section = 500 or fewer members (including Students) as of 31 December of the prior year

To nominate your Section for the MGA Outstanding Large, Medium, or Small Section Award, please
CLICK HERE.  The nomination deadline changes annually, and was 15 May in 2022.

IEEE Canada Presidents’ Make-a-Difference Award

IEEE Canada offers the Presidents’ Make-a-Difference Award for extraordinary volunteers. For more details, see IEEE Canada Presidents’ Make-a-Difference Award.


IEEE Member and Geographic Activities – manages its own awards that are designed to promote, recognize, and reward excellence in promoting the interests of IEEE as reflected in the operations of MGA and IEEE geographic unit activities. More details.

IEEE Fellows

IEEE Fellow Program recognizes people with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. The total number selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total voting Institute membership. More details.

IEEE Awards

The IEEE Awards Board (AB) administers the highest medals, awards, and recognitions presented by IEEE. Through its Awards Program, IEEE advances the interests of its members by recognizing their contributions in advancing the fields of interest to IEEE to the benefit of society. By this means, the image and prestige of the organization, its members, and the profession are all enhanced. The IEEE Awards Program honours members and other professionals for their service to society. For more details, visit the IEEE Awards website.

Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Medals and Fellows

Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Logo

The Engineering Institute of Canada elects annually a select number of engineers to the grade of EIC Fellow for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada. As IEEE Canada is one of the 10 member societies in EIC, our members qualify for this recognition and are often among those being elected. Additionally, EIC presents a range of Medals to further recognize member contributions. Generally, EIC Fellows are nominated for the EIC Medals. More details.

Awards Calendar

IEEE Canada Awards

Applicant Due Date Award
VolunteerSept 15Presidents’ Make-a-Difference
SectionFeb 15 IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Awards
WIE AGMar 15 IEEE Canada WIE Affinity Group of the Year
YP AGMar 15IEEE Canada YP Affinity Group of the Year
LM AGMar 15IEEE Canada Ron Potts Award (Affinity Group of the Year)
SBJun 15IEEE Canada SAC George Armitage Outstanding Student Branch
Member or Open (R.H.Tanner)Nov 30IEEE Canada Major Achievement Awards
VolunteerNov 30IEEE Canada Major Service Awards

MGA Awards

Applicant Due Date Award
Individual or OrganisationAnytime Friend of IEEE MGA Award – Submissions Due
Member or Organisation N/A MGA Vice President Discretionary Award (submission-less)
VolunteerTBAMGA Diversity & Inclusion Award – Submissions Due
VolunteerTBAMGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award – Submissions Due
VolunteerTBAMGA Innovation Award – Submissions Due
VolunteerTBAMGA Leadership Award – Submissions Due
VolunteerTBAMGA Achievement Award – Submissions Due
VolunteerTBAMGA William W. Middleton Distinguished Service Award – Submissions Due
YP VolunteerTBAMGA Young Professionals Achievement Award – Submissions Due
Section TBA MGA Outsanding Section Awards (Large, Medium, Small) – Submissions Due
LM AGApr 15IEEE Life Members Affinity Group Achievement Award Submissions Due
Student VolunteerMar 31IEEE SAC Larry K. Wilson Regional Student Activities Award – Submissions Due
SBMar 31IEEE SAC IEEE Regional Exemplary Student Branch Award – Submissions Due
SB / SB Chapter / SB AGMar 31IEEE SAC Darrel Chong Student Activity Award – Submissions Due
SB Counselor / SB Chapter AdvisorMar 31IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor and Branch Chapter Advisor Award – Submissions Due
WIE AG Apr 15 IEEE WIE Affinity Group (Section or SB) of the Year Award – Submissions Due
WIE Member Apr 15 IEEE WIE Inspiring Member of the Year Award – Submissions Due
WIE Student Member Apr 15 IEEE WIE Inspiring Student Member of the Year Award – Submissions Due
YP AGTBAIEEE Young Professionals (Affinity Groups) Hall of Fame Award – Submissions Due

IEEE Awards

Applicant Due Date Award
IndividualJan 15IEEE Technical Field Awards – Submissions Due
IEEE StaffJan 15IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member – Submissions Due
MemberMar 01IEEE Fellows – Submissions Due
Individual Jun 15IEEE Medals – Submissions Due
CorporationJun 15IEEE Corporate Innovation Award – Submissions Due
VolunteerJun 15IEEE R.M. Emberson Award (for service advancing IEEE technical objectives) – Submissions Due
VolunteerJun 15IEEE H. Pratt Award (for outstanding volunteer service to IEEE) – Submissions Due
YP Member
Jun 15IEEE T.W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award – Submissions Due

EIC Awards

ApplicantDue DateAward
MemberNov 15EIC Honours & Awards – Submissions Due

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