IEEE members in Canada can be nominated for and recognized by awards that are administered by different parts of IEEE.

The IEEE Canada Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC) urges you to consider nominating suitable candidates for the various awards that are available to IEEE Canada members and Sections.

Since IEEE Canada is a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), IEEE Canada members are also recognized by Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Medals and Fellows.

IEEE Canada Member Awards

IEEE Canada offers 7 achievement awards and 4 service awards and consist of medals, plaques, and travel allowances. For more details, see the full list of member awards.

Medal for A.G.L. McNaughton Award Medal for R.A. Fessenden Award Medal for Electric Power Award Medal for C.C. Gotlieb Computer Award
Medal for Outstanding Engineer Award Medal for J.M. Ham Outstanding Engineering Educator Award Medal for R.H. Tanner Industry Leadership Award
Medal for the W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award Medal for J.J. Archambault Eastern Canada Merit Award Medal for M.B. Broughton Central Canada Merit Award Medal E.F. Glass Western Canada Merit Award

IEEE Canada Section Awards

To recognize good Section leadership, management and administration for the immediate past Section year. There are three awards, one for large Sections (with more than 1,501 members), one for medium sections (with 501-1,500 members), and one for small Sections (with 500 or fewer members)(all numbers include students).

IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Award

Each of the three area chairs are invited to nominate three of their Sections (one large, one medium, and one small) for the IEEE Canada Exemplary Section Awards. Midnight (Eastern time) Monday 31 March 2015 is the deadline for for receipt of nominations for awards presented at the spring 2015 IEEE Canada Board meeting. The Section Chair of each nominated Section should complete this form and email it as an attachment to the committee at This form will be used initially for the IEEE Canada competition. The winning forms will then be forwarded to IEEE MGA for their worldwide competition.

MGA Outstanding Section Award

Additionally, the committee will select three nominations (one large, one medium, and one small section) and forward them to IEEE MGA as the Region 7 entries for the worldwide MGA Outstanding Section awards.


IEEE Member and Geographic Activities – MGA (previously know as Regional Activities – RAB) manages its own awards that are designed to promote, recognize, and reward excellence in promoting the interests of IEEE as reflected in the operations of MGA and IEEE geographic unit activities. More details.

IEEE Fellows

IEEE Fellow Program recognizes people with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. The total number selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth of one percent of the total voting Institute membership. More details.

IEEE Awards

The IEEE Awards Board (AB) administers the highest medals, awards, and recognitions presented by IEEE. Through its Awards Program, IEEE advances the interests of its members by recognizing their contributions in advancing the fields of interest to IEEE to the benefit of society. By this means, the image and prestige of the organization, its members, and the profession are all enhanced. The IEEE Awards Program honours members and other professionals for their service to society. For more details, visit the IEEE Awards website.

Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Medals and Fellows

Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Logo The Engineering Institute of Canada elects annually a select number of engineers to the grade of EIC Fellow for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada. As IEEE Canada is one of the 10 member societies in EIC, our members qualify for this recognition and are often among those being elected. Additionally, EIC presents a range of Medals to further recognize member contributions. Generally, EIC Fellows are nominated for the EIC Medals. More details.

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