As volunteers, we give our time to an organization we believe makes a difference. IEEE Canada is the Canadian national society connecting our members and non-members: engineers, technologists, scientists, professionals and others interested in the IEEE designated Fields of Interest; The designated fields are: Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology, Physical Sciences, Biological and Medical Sciences, Mathematics, Technical Communications, Education, Management, and Law and Policy. We are part of two larger organizations, one international – IEEE, the other Canadian – EIC. Please use this link to learn more about IEEE Canada and our products and services.

Benefits of Volunteering:

What do we as volunteers receive in return? Here are some of the benefits of volunteering:

  • Satisfaction from contributing to our profession and society, and potentially driving change.
  • Working and socializing with interesting and caring professionals.
  • Developing or honing networking and/or management skills.
  • Making personal contacts with leaders and those on the rise in our industry.
  • Being recognized as a volunteer by your peers.

For a list of IEEE Canada Committees, please, see below, in the IEEE Canada Bylaws and the IEEE Canada Operations Manual.

IEEE Canada invites you to nominate IEEE Canada members for IEEE Canada Volunteer Positions.

The information contained in any nominations is submitted in strict confidence to the IEEE Canada Nominations and Appointments Committee (NAC). Following a review, NAC will recommend the best volunteers for the various positions to the IEEE Canada Steering Committee for their approval; this is followed by the IEEE Canada Board’s review of the recommendations by the IEEE Canada Steering Committee and approval of the final list of volunteers.  The IEEE Canada President will issue appointment letters to the successful nominees.  All other nominees will be informed of the outcome of their nomination(s).

If you would like to nominate someone for multiple committees or positions, or wish to nominate several people, you need to complete multiple nominations on-line.

If you currently hold an IEEE Canada position and wish to continue in that role, you are also encouraged to complete the nomination for that position in order to be considered for 2021 in your current role.

2021 Nomination Deadlines for IEEE Canada Volunteer Positions for 2022

In order to give the IEEE Canada / Region 7 N&A Committee an opportunity to prepare and distribute the slate of candidates, please adhere to the nomination deadlines:

  • 28 March 2021: Candidates for 2022 IEEE Canada / Region 7 Secretary, Treasurer, Region Student Representative (RSR)
  • 28 March 2021: Candidates for 2022 IEEE Canada / Region 7 Committee Chairs/Coordinators,
  • 24 June 2021: Candidates for IEEE Canada / Region 7 Committee Vice-Chairs, Committee Members, and other positions

Current Call for Nominations:

Call for Nominations: Submit a nomination for yourself or a colleague for the 2022 IEEE Canada / Region 7 Committee Vice-Chair, Committee Member and other positions at

You will be directed to an online portal. Follow the instructions provided within the portal to submit your nomination.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to be a Chair or a voting member of any IEEE Canada / Region 7 Committee the individual must be an IEEE member in good standing and, except for the Student Activities Committee, shall be at IEEE Graduate Student Member, Member, Senior Member, or Fellow grade.

The IEEE Canada President / Region 7 Director and IEEE Canada / Region 7 Area Chairs shall be at IEEE Senior Member or Fellow grade.

Candidates for the position of IEEE Canada President-Elect. To ensure representation from all sections within IEEE Canada, in each odd numbered year, candidates for the position of President-Elect will be drawn from a single Area in the following order – Central Canada (2021) Eastern Canada (2022), and Western Canada (2023).

Volunteer Opportunities in IEEE and IEEE Canada

There are many volunteer opportunities in various aspects of IEEE and IEEE Canada

IEEE Canada welcomes volunteers for a wide range of activities, for example:

  • Chairs, vice-chairs, or members of the various activity committees,
  • publication editors, associate editors and reviewers,
  • translators for IEEE Canada communications, documents and published articles,
  • translators for web sites,
  • web masters and assistant webmasters.

We welcome volunteers whose working language is English, French, or both.

List of IEEE Canada Board Positions / Committees




List of IEEE Canada Board Committees

External Relations Group (ERG) – Chair elected by the Committee Chairs of the Group

Industry Relations Committee (IRC)

Outreach and Partnership Committee (OPC)

Humanitarian Initiatives Committee (HIC)

Standards Association Liaison (SAL) – nominated by SA

PAGSE Committee Representative (PCR)

Member Services Group (MSG) – Chair elected by the Committee Chairs of the Group

Membership Development Committee (MDC)

Young Professionals (YP) Committee

Women in Engineering (WIE) Committee

Life Members Committee (LMC)

Student Activities Committee (SAC)

Regional Student Representative (RSR)

Publications and Communications Group (PCG)

IEEE Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CJECE) Committee

IEEE Canadian Review (ICR) Committee

IEEE Canada Electronic Newsletter (ICEN) Committee

IEEE Canada Web Committee

Advertising Coordinator (AC)

Translation Committee (TC)

Educational Services Group  – Chair elected by the Committee Chairs of the Group

Educational Activities Committee (EAC) and EA Coordinator

Teacher in Service Program (TISP) Committee

Training Coordinator

Operational Support Group – Chair elected by the Committee Chairs of the Group

Meeting Coordinator

Publicity Coordinator

History Committee (HC)

vTools Coordinator

Region Vitality Coordinator

Chapter & Student Branch Chapter Coordinator (CSCC)

IEEE Canada Standing Committees:

Audit Committee (AC)

Awards and Recognition Committee (ARC)

Nominations and Appointments Committee (NAC)

Conference Advisory Committee (CONAC)

IEEE Canada Areas:

Canada East Area – Chair elected by the Section Chairs of the Area

Canada Central Area – Chair elected by the Section Chairs of the Area

Canada West Area – Chair elected by the Section Chairs of the Area

IEEE Canada / Region 7 Committee Chair position description – general:

  • Must be of Graduate Student member, member, Senior member, or Fellow grade, unless chaired by the responsible Area Chair, in which case must be of Senior member or Fellow grade
  • Previous experience as a member of the Committee is preferable
  • Project and time-management experience
  • Willingness to change and quick to adopt new work methods
  • Access to personal computer, Internet connection, and general-purpose office software
  • Conduct the business of the Committee to achieve the purpose and functions of that Committee in accordance with its Charter in the IEEE Canada Operations Manual
  • Establish subcommittees and ad hoc committees as needed in accordance with the Committee Charter
  • Call and chair meetings of the Committee in accordance with its Charter
  • Provide for the recording and distribution of minutes for the meetings in accordance with the Committee Charter
  • Recommend to the IEEE Canada Board or the responsible IEEE Canada Group Chair proposed changes to the Committee Charter to ensure that the Charter meets the current needs and objectives of the Committee
  • Carry out other tasks assigned to the Committee by the IEEE Canada President, Board, ExCom, SteerCom responsible IEEE Canada Group Chair
  • Bring appropriate Committee items to the attention of the IEEE Canada Board or the responsible IEEE Canada Group Chair
  • Report the status of Committee activity to IEEE Canada / Region 7 Board, ExCom, SteerCom and other IEEE organizational unit
  • Prepare and present Committee budgets to the IEEE Canada Board, Treasurer or the responsible IEEE Canada Group Chair as appropriate
  • Approve and forward to the IEEE Canada / Region 7 Treasurer all Committee expenditures
  • Maintain cognizance of Committee actual versus planned expenditure rates and associated work completed. Report to the IEEE Canada ExCom / Treasurer or IEEE Canada Group Chair as appropriate budget status and recommendations for corrections.

IEEE Canada volunteer common characteristics and skills

Individuals nominated for IEEE Canada / Region 7 positions should have the following common characteristics and skills:

Common Characteristics
  • Must possess a willingness to develop an understanding of the Strategic Vision / Mission of IEEE Canada / Region 7 and commit to its implementation and operating principles.
  • Should have demonstrated an increasing amount of management experience and excellent leadership qualities within their professional career.
  • Should have a desire for or experience in translating strategic vision into tactical action and providing direction and guidance to the design and implementation teams that carry out the mission.
  • Must be able to gain an understanding of the role of information technology in enabling IEEE Canada functions.
Common Skills
  • Demonstrated some tactical management experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in a volunteer-led organization that operates by consensus. Negotiating skill is a definite plus.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills with sensitivity to cross-cultural and transnational issues.
  • Demonstrated written and oral communication skills and organizational ability.
  • Demonstrated some relationship and consensus building in a collaborative working environment.
  • Has an understanding of remote/electronic working environments and associated tools.

IEEE Canada / Region 7 Mission

Through the leadership of its volunteers, IEEE Canada shall be a nationally recognized organization in which members and the public hold IEEE membership in the highest esteem. The mission of IEEE Canada shall be consistent with the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) mission as stated in the MGA Operations Manual.

MGA Vision and Mission

MGA Vision – Ensure Quality Member Opportunities through Continuous Engagement

Guiding Principles

  • Membership is a core value of IEEE.
  • Members shape IEEE’s future.

MGA Mission – Inspire, Enable, Empower, and Engage Members of IEEE


  • Fulfilling the mission of IEEE
  • Enhancing the members’ growth and development through their life cycle
  • Providing a professional home

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