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The IEEE Canadian Review is published 3 times/year as follows: Spring (to appear in April); Fall (to appear in September); Winter (to appear in December). The circulation of the IEEE Canadian Review is the entire membership of IEEE Canada, representing more than 15,000 subscribers. Authors are invited to contact a co-Editor in Chief regarding proposals for technology content or member/community news items.

CJECE Journal

The Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, issued quarterly, has been publishing high-quality refereed scientific papers in all areas of electrical and computer engineering since 1976. Sponsored by IEEE Canada, the CJECE complements international journals and will be of particular interest to anyone involved in research and development activities in the field of electrical and computer engineering.

Digital Library

IEEE Canada’s digital library is an electronic library of distinguished lectures, proceedings from Canadian conferences, and other items of historical and technical interest to IEEE members and the general public. Many items contain introductory material as well as a record of the original presentation using an audio file for the voice, and an HTML and/or PDF and/or PPT files for the slides.

Engineering Showcase

The Engineering Showcase was an IEEE Canada millennium project (2000) directed by IEEE volunteers and sponsored by IEEE Canada and HC Data Systems. An earlier centennial project (1984) produced the book Electricity the Magic Medium written by Harry Prevey and conceived by Wally Read (IEEE Region 7 Director, 1984-85).


IEEE Canada publishes news in the following categories: News of Interest to members of IEEE Canada, Upcoming Events, Senior Member Upgrades, Fellow Upgrades, and Obituaries. In general, all submitted items are published in the language(s) the author (submittor) provides (English or French or both). Please submit any item you think may be of interest. If you submit to, or publish a, Section newsletter, why not also submit here for national coverage?


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