The History of the IEEE Canada Logo

The current IEEE Canada web site logo (shown above) is essentially the same as the third version (but slightly smaller in size) and was brought back into use under Region Director Mohamed El-Hawary. The IEEE master brand consists of the IEEE emblem and the initials IEEE in a specific form. For more about the history of the IEEE emblem visit the IEEE History Center.

The first IEEE Canada logo was developed in the early 1970s by Region Manager George Armitage and appeared on the covers of 3-ring binders that he used to hold material for the training courses that he presented in Canadian sections and student branches. The logo consists of the IEEE emblem on the left, combined with the name and the maple leaf which is the primary symbol of Canada. The IEEE emblem was created during the merger and contains elements of the two predecessor societies: AIEE and IRE.

Old IEEE Canada Logo #1

At the time, only the IEEE logo was used on official documents and Regional meetings were held in New York City at the United Engineering Center – the former headquarters of IEEE. Regional Director Bill Thompson, obtained special funding (REMSEF) to create the Region 7 office and hired George Armitage. This began the process of creating a distinctly Canadian entity within IEEE.

The second IEEE Canada logo was developed in 1978 by Region Director Bob Alden who introduced its use on Region letterhead and business cards. At the same time, the phrase “IEEE Canada” was incorporated into the Region 7 bylaws as an alternative name for “IEEE Region 7”. This bylaw change was approved by both the Region 7 Committee and the IEEE Board of Directors.

Old IEEE Canada Logo #2

The third version of the IEEE Canada came into use in 1994 following the merger of IEEE Region 7 and the Canadian Society of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CSECE). The simple maple leaf was replaced by the stylized maple leaf in a triangle which had been adopted by the CSECE as its symbol. This merger and logo evolution was led by Regional Directors Tony Eastham, Vijay Bhargava, and Ray Findlay. The merger agreement was approved by both the EIC Council and the IEEE Board of Directors.

Old IEEE Canada Logo #3

Two changes were subsequently made to the above graphic in 2003 during the redesign of this web site. The text font was replaced by a sans-serif font to present a cleaner look, and the CSECE graphic was cleaned up to more accurately reflect the original design.

This logo appeared on the IEEE Canada web site in the late 1990s. It was a result of pressure by IEEE to use standardized logos on all IEEE web sites. The simple maple leaf was added to the right of the ‘required’ logo. Since that time, a variety of ‘IEEE web standards’ have come and gone.

Old IEEE Canada Logo #4

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