Volunteer Resources

There are a number of resources available for volunteers to both accomplish their goals and get training to help them do their job. Account

You need one to access your IEEE volunteer resources. If you do not have one, set it up on the GoogleApps@IEEE page.

IEEE Volunteer Tools


These tools help a volunteer

* Find times for Meetings (Doodle)
* Hold on Online Meeting (Remote Conferencing)
* Create Events (Events)
* Advertise Events (eNotice)
* Find Events (Events iOS Android)
* Validate a Member for an Event (Membership Validator)
* Report Section Officers (Officer Reporting)
* Conduct Electronic Voting (Voting)
* Retrieve Analytics on their Section (OU Analytics)
* Nomination Fellow Volunteers for Region or MGA Positions (Nominations)
* Nomination Fellow Volunteers for an Award (Awards)
* Host a Website for an OU or event (Web Hosting)
* Get Info on the Go (IEEE Mobile App)

Region 7 Volunteer Training Materials

The IEEE Region 7 Volunteer Training Workspace on Collabratec where you will find a number of presentations from past region training sessions, archived training sessions, and other relevant information posts.

In addition to defining the role of the Region Board, Executive Committee, and Steering Committee (and each constituent position), the Region By-Laws and Operations Manual define what each Committee does. As a Region, IEEE Canada falls under the Member and Geographic Activities Board, which has it’s own Operations Manual (which also applies to us and supersedes our manual).

MGA Vitality Resources

The MGA Section Vitality page that provides information to help maintain a vital section (which goes hand in hand with the Section Vitality Survey that section Chairs, or their delegates, fill out every year).

Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)
The Center for Leadership Excellence has multiple training courses useful to volunteers.

The CLE has courses targeted at each section officer, including
* Chair
* Vice Chair
* Treasurer
* Secretary
* Technical Chapter Chair
* Affinity Group Chair
# YP (Young Professionals) Affinity Group Chair
# WIE (Women in Engineering) Affinity Group Chair
# LM (Life Members) Affinity Group Chair
# CN (Consultants Network) Affinity Group Chair
* Student Activities Chair
* Nominations & Appointments Chair
* Professional Activities (PACE) Chair
* Awards & Recognition Chair
* Educational Activities Chair
* Member Development Chair
* Industry Relations Chair
* Student Branch Counselor

The VOLT Program designed to transform new YP volunteers into future IEEE leaders that offers these volunteers an in-depth knowledge of the IEEE (including it’s structure, resources, and operations) and leadership skills.

IEEE Learning Network

The IEEE Learning Network offers a single portal to discover continuing education opportunities across the IEEE.

Other Resources

The site offers free STEM education content, including over 100 lesson plans for teachers and volunteers alike.

The IEEE History Center has useful information on IEEE history that can help put things into perspective for a volunteer.

IEEE Canadian Foundation

The Personal


IEEE Job Site

IEEE Member Discounts



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