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Note: Since IEEE GOLD was renamed to IEEE Young Professionals (in 2014), these resources may not all be up to date. For more information about the change, see the section on the YP page.

I am new, what is GOLD all about?

Not sure what we are doing? Read this and it’ll all be crystal clear.
(Don’t forget the Notes in the PowerPoint presentation – Tool Bar -> View -> Notes Page)

GOLD Introduction: PowerPoint or PDF.

How to start my GOLD Group?

  1. Gather signatures of at least six (6) IEEE Members, other than Students required (Not necessarily GOLD members though, can be Senior Members, Life Members, or any other Regular Members)
  2. File a completed petition as indicated here in Affinity Group petition form and procedures.

How do I set up an email list for GOLD members in my Section?

The IEEE electronic communication services provide easy to use mailing lists. Please visit IEEE Electronic Mail Services for details.

How to set up web hosting for my GOLD Group?

How to get funding for my event?

How to apply for Quick Start Incentive Fund (QSIF)?

Courtesy: Verona Wong of Vancouver GOLD Group

This is a one-time grant to any formally established GOLD group based on a written proposal. The base amount is US$200 and matching fund is up to US$300, total US$500 maximum. To apply, simply follow the following steps

  1. Consult IEEE GOLD QSIF Page
  2. Write up a course of activities to be implemented over a period of time
  3. Source Matching fund from Section – Contact Section Chair & Treasurer
  4. Source Matching fund from Region – Contact Region 7 GOLD Coordinator
  5. Source Matching fund from Industry
  6. Complete the application, click here for an example

How to get the IEEE GOLD Table-Top Display for my event?

IEEE GOLD Table-Top Display

The IEEE GOLD Table-Top Display can be shipped to any GOLD group for temporary display at events at no cost to the local GOLD group. The shipping expenses are covered by the headquarters in New Jersey and there is no cost to use the display. Just need to make sure it is available and arrange shipment. It’s that easy to get promotional materials!

  1. Contact ?? to reserve the display. Do this early as the display needs to clear customs at the border.
  2. Let Cathy know if you also need GOLD brochures, application forms, posters, display materials, etc.
  3. Find out if GOLD groups near your geographical location or within Canada may want to use it soon after your event. If we ship it within Canada, it’ll be cheaper than shipping it back to US and then to another Canadian location.
  4. After you receive the display, assemble it on a table top similar to the picture on the left
  5. When you’re done, use the attached airbill to ship to another location or back to New Jersey if no one else in Canada needs it or someone already reserved it with Cathy.

Here are the logos and guidelines from the Branding Tool Kit for the new IEEE Young Professionals brand:

How to organize a meeting?

Planning, publicity, those details, run!, after the meeting, and reporting. Here are the important details which you can use as a check list to print and follow.

How to recognize my volunteers and my Group?

  1. Sponsor / Subsidize YP volunteers to attend the Section’s AGM or Social Event
  2. Order IEEE Certificate of Appreciation
  3. Nominate your volunteers for MGA Leadership Award
  4. Nominate your volunteers for MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award Recipients

Where do I find resources from the 2006 IEEE Canada Regional GOLD Congress?

Please see the links below for presentations, notes, reports, and other documents from the 2006 IEEE Canada Regional GOLD Congress.

IEEE Canadian Foundation

The Personal


IEEE Job Site

IEEE Member Discounts



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